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glasseater_fans's Journal

glasseater's better than you
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This community is maintained by me, ___paper___heart, for all fans of Glasseater to join. No bad-mouthing or I will beat your ass. Share stories about good times at a Glasseater show, post photography of the band, and shit like that. Sickkkk sick mosh. If you haven't heard of Glasseater, go download them now, because they're probably better than what you listen to now.

xxx agnes xoxo


Put aside your misconceptions about what hardcore should be - this is Glasseater, a Miami based band that blends melodic punk with a fierce hardcore backbone to showcase intensely honest songs about life's trial and error. Chameleon-like in their ability to evoke different moods mid-song, Glasseater's raw punk fury and contagious, tight hooks are fresh and invigorating. The band has been a praised for years - Ink 19 raved, "Florida band Glasseater wins the creativity award for now. They've managed to take giddy pop-punk, make it a bit darker, and throw in some hardcore undertones...some of the best and most innovative music in punk and hardcore today..."

[from: glasseater.com]

[glasseater is:]

. Ariel Arro = guitar
. Julio Marin = vocals
. Anthony Lopez = bass
. JC Lopez = guitar & vocals
. Nate Van Dame = drums


make sure to pick up a copy of "Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down" on August 26th. And if you don't have their other CDs, go buy all of them as well.

check out glasseater.com always for all updates on tour dates and whatnot, so you don't miss a sick mosh near you.


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