a mere boy... (sepultsoulbomb) wrote in glasseater_fans,
a mere boy...

My day with Glasseater...

Today was cool, i actually left the house ha first i woke up and Julio called me and asked me if i wanted to chill with him and they guys, and i said sure. Then he was like okay but we're gonna go eat first then we'll call you when we go to mall. So they called me and we went to the mall and hung out and he was trying to get this girls number but i dunno how successful he was haha. Then we went to the mall and since it was raining and i was riding in the back of my friends pick up, they let me ride with them in their tour van, ha it was a cozy van i was sitting on the floor with anthony and it was all soft cause they had like a mattress there. Then we went to Best Buy and we played video games and looked through cds and me and my friends saw the Glasseater Cds hahahah. Thirdly we went to Sam Ash and all the guys and us messed with the diffrent instruments that were all there. Julio told me that apparently Anthony used to be a awesome clarinet play which is cool cause i used to play clarinet and now i play bass and so does he ha. Then they had to leave town and do a 11 hour drive so we said our goodbyes and we're gonna hang out again when they come back in August 7 and since they'll have a few days off, we might actually be able to have dinner this time at my house so yeah. Over all those guys are awesome! So nice, and very down to earth.

RJ (their merch guy) is fucken cool too i hope to see him again
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